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About Deviant Artist Arrimas Arrington24/Female/United States Group :iconcrative-lovers: Crative-Lovers
~Creativity is Happiness~
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Mermaid by Arringtastic2013 Mermaid :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 2 4 Celebrate Pride Month by Arringtastic2013 Celebrate Pride Month :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 3 6 Untitled Drawing by Arringtastic2013 Untitled Drawing :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 1 0 Heart by Arringtastic2013 Heart :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 2 0 Purple - Spirit by Arringtastic2013 Purple - Spirit :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 2 0 Untitled Drawing By Arringtastic2013-dbb33ho by Arringtastic2013 Untitled Drawing By Arringtastic2013-dbb33ho :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 1 0 Celebrate Pride by Arringtastic2013 Celebrate Pride :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 2 0 April Fools by Arringtastic2013 April Fools :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 3 2 Biting Pear by Arringtastic2013 Biting Pear :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 3 0 Valentine hearts by Arringtastic2013 Valentine hearts :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 4 0 Ghost by Arringtastic2013 Ghost :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 3 2 Moon and star by Arringtastic2013 Moon and star :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 0 4 Kirby by Arringtastic2013 Kirby :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 1 7 House by Arringtastic2013 House :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 1 2
I played the bubbles again.

:iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 3 0
Easter eggs by Arringtastic2013 Easter eggs :iconarringtastic2013:Arringtastic2013 1 0


Deliza Waiting REQ by icarue Deliza Waiting REQ :iconicarue:icarue 3 28 Deliza sexy cookie monster cosplay Colored by GENJI-WD
Mature content
Deliza sexy cookie monster cosplay Colored :icongenji-wd:GENJI-WD 19 0
Deliza sexy cookie monster cosplay by GENJI-WD
Mature content
Deliza sexy cookie monster cosplay :icongenji-wd:GENJI-WD 8 3
Fight Fever with Requests by garbagefruit
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Fight Fever with Requests :icongarbagefruit:garbagefruit 5 10
Request: DarkMan and Gloria by Breezykiid94
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Request: DarkMan and Gloria :iconbreezykiid94:Breezykiid94 5 13
Request - Dragon Master - Gloria and Fat Guy by WaffleSoul
Mature content
Request - Dragon Master - Gloria and Fat Guy :iconwafflesoul:WaffleSoul 9 4
Req for Arringtastic2013 by SplishFish Req for Arringtastic2013 :iconsplishfish:SplishFish 8 3 The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulav The Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconursulav:ursulav 20,862 5,006
First Post
First time i use this journal thing, maybe i should try writing some stuff.
well for now i finished the Persona 5 request, and soon i'll be moving on to the next request.
But now i'm going to eat something, i'm really tired...
:iconwafflesoul:WaffleSoul 1 1
10pts to Sub my YouTube + Chance to win 5000pts!!
I'm calling this "The Push for 1000" and I'm giving away 10000 points in total!! And you have up to 5 chances to win!!
Entering and earning the 10 or 15 points is so easy. You can even earn a llama!!! Here are the details:
1. You MUST favorite this journal entry. That will be your raffle entry!
2. Subscribe to the Atis's Gaze  YouTube channel.(You cannot unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe won't be able to claim your points if you win the raffle.)
3. Bump the forum post on Deviantart so others can see. The link is here. DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS ONE!!!
And that's it!!! It's so simple. Go ahead and do it now!!!
We've just reached 500 subscribers on YouTube for the Motion Novel, Atis's Gaze. Natural
:iconkenkrath:KenKrath 2,018 1,265
[CLOSED] Free requests!!
So I'm going to be honest, I don't expect many people, with luck, ten will ask. So what's this about!? Of you know already, you ask I draw! Even NSFW stuff, I want some practice and this is the best way to get a bit of. 
Rules : 
1. Share this journal or make a journal entry with a functional link to this one.
2. Put a comment with what you want and the link to the journal entry 
3. Depending of the numbers and time I will put slots, let's start with ten slots !! 
4. Please be very specific with what you want so I can give quality to you. 
5. If you want something nsfw but don't want to put it in the comments, send me a note also with a link to a journal entry about this. 
  5.1 : certain fetishes like vore or the very weird ones, won't be accepted!! I'm not getting paid 
6. The sfw pieces will be posted here, the nsfw will be in my tumblr,
7. I will send a note to you once I'm done with your request 
8. More over, be patient I also h
:iconneonxus17:Neonxus17 7 88
Deliza by boobsgames
Mature content
Deliza :iconboobsgames:boobsgames 95 8
Miyuki Request by Arringtastic2013 by login4donald
Mature content
Miyuki Request by Arringtastic2013 :iconlogin4donald:login4donald 4 1
Mature content
[COMMISSION] GLORIA V DARKMAN :iconizaalisk17:Izaalisk17 4 7
Kuromaru fucks miyuki01 censored by misterprickly
Mature content
Kuromaru fucks miyuki01 censored :iconmisterprickly:misterprickly 13 8
Request for arringtastic2013 by Sipflover
Mature content
Request for arringtastic2013 :iconsipflover:Sipflover 10 10


I had finished my of drawings then I am the critic artist in the whole new world.


Tiger - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Tiger - Bic Ballpoint Pen :iconvianaarts:VianaArts 7,679 1,413



Can everyone have Tumblr account? Raise your hands. You had to register your new account.
I'm sorry, everyone. I guess I was mooching off the free art because xianpuplz told me to stop asking because they are going to block me, including RyuuzakiUmiplz they were telling to stop asking other deviants for the requests.
Can anyone have their email address? Hello. Can you hear me?



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Raise your hands if you got gif animated. ThiagoAM4Swinbop StrollingBones StriderSyd Ryoga-rg dhim Cheyenney BouncyCG Bound-to-please artPoppytart ArtOfPhranger ArtofCelle artofcarmen artdiviant Artgerm freekillgam3r freekillgam3r FreezzeGravity fredmai BromParadox bronx1287 Prywinko McArthur525sakimichan Zero-Q SplishFish charly21 Charoon randomartist003 optip MrGiorgy MrGrimShadowTheArtOfAzrael TheEasterArt TheDirtyBurger TheDiDSquid TheCreativeRey the-kid36 The-Junior-Flow TheGTBTheGTC TheHattedLegend TheInsaneDarkOne TheIronMountain thessy-drawings theQoppa TheRainHasCleared TheRizkPiecraft TheWindbelow TheUnsentLaugh TheSwedishElf Rennis05 Rensou-kun AdrianoSenninAdrianWolve WaltonAfterDark zetarok logicfun login4donald NekoEmerald NekoHybridYonathanLagrutta galia-and-kitty OkiOppai sweetmouth JassyCoCo xXTheOneGuyXx customwaifusjokerfake StoryCatt Stormofthesea StormFedeR Shablagooo Shabazik Shaboygen Shadako26ShaianWillems ShannonxNaruto Lingerie-Thief Midas-Bust matigool jadenkaiba Ar018 PerladellanotteLadycandy2011 debureturns Noir-Black-Shooter RubyLoveYou ChubyMi ZyZa0123 NuriMuniBuniKingCthulhu90 KingShisa08 Nephle Nepluz ZombieNoms HyperFlannel HypnoChanger Coke-brother OUCMissMonie misterprickly carlos1976 CARGOCAMP Cartoonfan402 Enator29  Taroni garbagefruit HcitrusDavidCMatthews DaVonteWagner AlanRCastro KisekaePop1604 kiske-otoko HotGum HotNailalecssandersam AlexaClyne Dalley-Le-Alpha th3p1nkfr34k ZIYOENTI eroforce Eromaxi erosenin23Blue-senpai Bluediamondpikachu83 blueear96 Bluesoul1 BlueStrikerBomber Derracias-35 Raver1357tjlive5 Machateo dargon899 darkchapel666 Darkinblade77 DarkerEve DarkLitria DarkPrinceArmondarknesspharoah DrakonAskar DrawSEverything DraxDrilox Trebuxet Trajan007 TrueDevirish JonKinMadeleineInk maddland metallica48 pooky-cherie PookieArt 
Did everyone do have Graphics Interchange Format animated?

ThiagoAM4 Swinbop StrollingBones StriderSyd Ryoga-rg dhim Cheyenney BouncyCG Bound-to-please artPoppytart ArtOfPhranger ArtofCelle artofcarmen artdiviant Artgerm freekillgam3r freekillgam3r FreezzeGravity fredmai BromParadox bronx1287 Prywinko McArthur525 sakimichan Zero-Q SplishFish charly21 Charoon randomartist003 optip MrGiorgy MrGrimShadow TheArtOfAzrael TheEasterArt TheDirtyBurger TheDiDSquid TheCreativeRey the-kid36 The-Junior-Flow TheGTB TheGTC TheHattedLegend TheInsaneDarkOne TheIronMountain thessy-drawings theQoppa TheRainHasCleared TheRizkPiecraft TheWindbelow TheUnsentLaugh TheSwedishElf Rennis05 Rensou-kun AdrianoSennin AdrianWolve WaltonAfterDark zetarok logicfun login4donald NekoEmerald NekoHybrid YonathanLagrutta galia-and-kitty OkiOppai sweetmouth JassyCoCo xXTheOneGuyXx customwaifus jokerfake StoryCatt Stormofthesea StormFedeR Shablagooo Shabazik Shaboygen Shadako26 ShaianWillems ShannonxNaruto Lingerie-Thief Midas-Bust matigool jadenkaiba Ar018 Perladellanotte Ladycandy2011 debureturns Noir-Black-Shooter RubyLoveYou ChubyMi ZyZa0123 NuriMuniBuni KingCthulhu90 KingShisa08 Nephle Nepluz ZombieNoms HyperFlannel HypnoChanger Coke-brother OUC MissMonie misterprickly carlos1976 CARGOCAMP Cartoonfan402 Enator29  Taroni garbagefruit Hcitrus DavidCMatthews DaVonteWagner AlanRCastro KisekaePop1604 kiske-otoko HotGum HotNail alecssandersam AlexaClyne Dalley-Le-Alpha th3p1nkfr34k ZIYOENTI eroforce Eromaxi erosenin23 Blue-senpai Bluediamondpikachu83 blueear96 Bluesoul1 BlueStrikerBomber Derracias-35 Raver1357 tjlive5 Machateo dargon899 darkchapel666 Darkinblade77 DarkerEve DarkLitria DarkPrinceArmon darknesspharoah DrakonAskar DrawSEverything DraxDrilox Trebuxet Trajan007 TrueDevirish JonKin MadeleineInk maddland metallica48 pooky-cherie PookieArt 


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Arrimas Arrington
United States
I'm Arrimas Arrington. I'm having fun with myself when I was enjoying. I lived wiith my mom, my brother and sister. I had a pet yorkshire terrier named Girly.

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